Isn't it horrible when you spend weeks doing a jigsaw puzzle only to find there is a piece missing? The puzzle can never be completed without it.

You are way more complex than a jigsaw! Charles Darwin said that the human eye on it's own was enough to disproove his whole theory of evolution. This was before the electron microscope could reveal much greater detail and complexities of cell structure and DNA make up.

We are beings that have amazingly complex cells, organs, muscles, joints and bones. It has the ability to heal itself and reproduce. Add to this our mind with it's ability to think & reason and our emotions that can't be seen but add to our complex make up and you can see that the jigsaw looks like nothing.

Then there is the spiritual area that is a foundation to the rest. No other area of our make up can be complete if this area is in dis-array or is missing something. It has been said that we have a 'God-shaped' whole that only He can fill. This is a very simple way of looking at an in depth problem but it does ring true.

If you are whole emotionally (ie you are stable, don't need certain activities or substances to enjoy life, have no addictions, find it easy to have deep & real relationships, deal with anger & stress well & have peace at all times) physically whole (have no sickness, disease, injury or sleep problems) and mentally whole - you are better off than most of us - but still are not whole Spiritually unless you know Jesus personally.

You need to go to the Meet God section & find the missing piece to the 'jigsaw' of your soul.

It's a pain when your car isn't running right isn't it? Sometimes it would be better if it just broke down - then you could fix it! When you are driving along it may not be that noticeable but when you try to go faster or tow a trailer - put load on the car - it is very frustrating.

We are like that too. When everything is ok - we have lots of friends, good job, nice partner, successful business & health etc etc we are going not too bad...but when the going gets tough we really notice that we need a boost or 'fixing'.

This fixing isn't in the many false & dangerous practises that make money out of you & trap you...but can only be found FOR FREE from God.

If your car wasn't running correctly - if it had dropped a cylinder or was out of tune or had a flat tyre you would go and get it fixed right? Your soul, body and mind are MUCH more important than a car so go to the MEET GOD section NOW!

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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