As humans we are made in the image of God. We have been designed & Created to be One with Him. If you have just given your life over to the Lordship of Jesus Christ - this relationship between you & your Heavenly Father has been opened. This truth however needs to be implemented.

One of the first things that will become evident is that He is perfect and will never let you down - unlike the people you have known. Your mind will have created a concept of who God is from your parents, mainly your father. If (like me) your father left or was/is emotionally or physically distant, you will think that God is too. If you were treated harshly then you will think God wants to beat you up over your sin. Sin is serious to God and it needs to be addressed but He will never run your nose in it. If you haven't yet dealt with Sin - go & GET SAVED! first!

As with any relationship it will take time & it is not a 1,2,3 step process but a living, dynamic and individual thing. The below will help you in your relationship with Jesus. Remember He will never let you down - He is your friend but also your Master. Always ensure your relationship with Him lines up with what the Bible says.

Each of the below links describes briefly one aspect of having a relationship with Jesus. They are all important - but they all need to lead you towards experience. Any experience must be examined by what the Bible says and tested - and everything should lead you closer to Jesus. If anything starts to lead you away or give credit to someone or something else run! If Jesus is the one getting credit - you should be ok...but read each of the below for more details.


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