Amazing how many ideas there are about this - from the ignorant Athiestic view that there is no god, to the female wiccan misconception, to the 'oneness' of the Eastern & New Age beliefs. There is only one truth though an d when you discover it you will see clearly the error of so many. As the Bible says "the highway to hell is broad & many travel it".

You are here though as you are an honest searcher of proceed! This is by no means an exhaustive list but a brief 'guide' to make sure you are on the right track. He will lead & guide you - but be careful as many dark forces are out to keep you trapped & tricked. God cannot be found by human wisdom, religion or incantations. He reveals Himself in many ways - but always in line with the words of the Bible. If you don't think the Bible is true go to BIBLE.

In fact a simple way to know if it is God or a false spiritual force use this equation. God's work always gives credit to Jesus Christ - God who became man and walked on earth 2000 years ago, sin free and was crucified - only to be risen by the power of the Holy Spirit on the 3rd day in body and spirit. He then returned to the Father where He now sits in the place of honor and power. A mouthful I know but say this to people in spiritual circles & you will see them cringe! There is power even in just the name of Jesus!

ie a JW comes to your door & tries to present bringing credit to Jehovah - but really they follow an organization (the Watchtower) and dishonor Jesus. Similarly Mormons might seem good & even mention Jesus - but they also lower Jesus' credentials to the brother of satan. The Qu'ran says that Jesus is higher than Mohammed & is sin free - but you will rarely hear a Muslim honor Jesus - or anything Jesus said! A white light healer may 'heal' your knee - but they will also allow access to demonic forces in your life. They may talk about 'god' but mention Jesus and their tone will change! Even Catholics can deny Jesus in saying that a continual sacrifice must be done (the mass) - when Jesus said His sacrifice was once & for all. So you see you really need to be on your guard!

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