Many people think that the Bible is a religious book that contains many errors. I used to think the same thing too - but I (like most critics) had never read or studied the Bible. Furthermore I had never read in a language I could understand - I had never heard the message of the Bible. Further still - I had never met the author!

I have now discovered a scary thing. The Bible is fact...and it's verifyable! We're not talking TV kind of facts that sway & change - that present a version of the truth (or blatantly lie to attract the hoards)...but concise, hard-hitting, never changing facts - absolute truth.


The Bible can be prooved true (ie full of truth and reliable) by science, archeology, textual criticism, manuscript evidence, historical evidence, external evidence and prophetic fulfillment among other disciplines.

SKEPTICS NOTE It is good to be cautious & skeptical...Jesus gave you a mind to use so use it to test what is being said. It's a challenge - read the below & see what you think. Don't be ignorant!

You can even go one step further... ask Jesus to proove Himself to you. If He isn't there you have lost nothing, but if He is you have everything to gain!

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Why I believe the Bible
I was probably the biggest skeptic I had ever met - anti god and I mean ANTI!It took a lot for me to be convinced that is was more than a book of rolly papers.

Science and the Bible
Although the Bible was not written as a science book, it contains many hundreds of amazing scientific facts. Some of these were written thousands of years before the 'scientific world' discovered them. Time after time evolutionists (and atheists) have tried to use science to proove the scriptures wrong. How sad for them that they are continually red-faced.

Summary of the Bible
What it is, what it means & how to read it...

Basic Rundown of Human History
According to the Bible the entire history of the planet can be very short!!!.