Why I believe the Bible:

Some quick points - and further down some evidence...
God speaks to me through it.

(this is a continual process – not just a ‘once off occurrence’) – here & now… What has God said this morning, right now, for today?

When I read it, it strengthens me inwardly

I don’t always know what God is saying, and it may be hard – but whenever I read it, it is just a matter of time before I notice the difference emotionally and spiritually

It has the best advice for relationships, business, work, finance, life and the after life

Other books try but no book is active & alive like the Bible! All other books are light & fluffy compared to the Bible - which addresses the heart of the issues.

Nothing else has a credible description of the start of the Universe

Evolution is a fairy tale that falls apart the deeper you look into it, while the more you search the Bible, the more you find it is truth.

The Numerology of the letters and words in the original languages point towards divine authorship These systems are not some gimmicky ‘predict the future nonsense’ but they are systems of numbers that can not be replicated by human minds. There are so many of these it is incredible, but as an example:

The appearance of multiples of the number 7 in Genesis 1:1 (Hebrew) and Matthew 1:1-17 (Greek) are beyond statistical probability[1]

There are also systems seen in the:

- Number of Words

- Number of letters

- Number of vowels

- Number of Consonants

- Number of male names

- Number of compound names

of different books, chapters and verses throughout the Bible. Again unique to the Bible and alone indicate the Bible had to be inspired.

The numerous scientific facts that are dotted through it

Although written many thousands of years ago, the Bible has some of the most advanced scientific knowledge within it’s writings. It is not a science book but is indeed scientifically accurate.

There are too many scientific facts to list[2]. A few examples:

- the dimensions of the Ark being used in Ship building (30.5.3) (Genesis 6)

- the earth’s free-floating in space (Job 26:7)

- the earth is round (Isaiah 40:22)

- running water cleans…(Leviticus 15:13) medical science took until 1845 to discover this. The death rate of new born babies dropped from 30% to 2% immediately.

- objects we see being made from particles we cannot see (Hebrews 11:3)

- the life is in the blood (seems obvious – but science thought the opposite until 120 years ago & patients were often ‘bled’ to remove infection!!) (Leviticus 17:11)

Now as mentioned there are many, many things like this – but just as striking there are none that have been found to be false. This is astounding even for a science book, while unheard of for a ‘religious text’ as can be seen from the many flaws in the Koran or Book of Mormon etc.

It helped me overcome addictions & suicidal demeanor.

The more I read the Bible as God’s Word for me, the more my mind is at ease.

I met Jesus through it!!.

Not a religion but a living relationship with the author! He Created us & speaks to us through the Bible!

I have seen what it has done in other people's lives.

I have seen many people who were as skeptical as myself completely changed by reading and applying the Bible to their lives. A well-known example is that of Josh McDowell who decided to publish a paper on the errors in the Bible, though through research looking for problems, found that the Bible was truthful!

It makes outlandish statements that through all their trying, scientists cannot prove wrong

Many scientists, even evolutionists believe that there was an initial void, a ‘big bang’ – and concede that the order of Creation at least is correct. The evidence for a young earth is continually growing, while the lack of evidence for any element of macro evolution continues to awaken the masses to the fact that evolution is an unfounded theory. Even if the theory of evolution could find some credible proof, there would still be the issue, who Created the initial chemicals & space for the big bang? The truth is that evolution is not possible (the title of many other articles) though the words of the Bible have continually been found factual.

The fact that it survived
- Dead Sea scrolls – once thought to be fake, now proven to be reliable and completely complimentary (not contradictory) to the Bible as we have it today.
- The number of manuscripts available[3]
- The Roman empires’ (and Jewish) dedication to eradicate the Bible altogether.
- For years people found with any piece of the Bible were executed (still happens in parts of the world)

Textual Accuracy

Few texts can claim any one of the points the bible does in accuracy.

- Meticulous copying (by scribes) to avoid errors

- Written only 50 yrs after events occurred (for the New Testament)

- Number of manuscripts available (tens of thousands)

- Grammatically eloquent, Historically verified, Prophetically fulfilled, Scientifically correct, Archeologically proven – there really is no text on earth like it!

People dieing for the Bible

People are generally only willing to die for something that means a lot to them. Millions have died simply because they were unwilling to disagree with the Bible.

Archeology continually prove that places / events & artifacts described in the Bible are true

Examples –

- the Hittites which at first were thought to be a ‘Bible Mistruth’ until 1906 when a library of 10,000 clay tablets was discovered which documented the Hittite Empire[4]

- The fall of Jericho (Joshua 6) thought to be old wives’ tale or Jewish Mythology, but excavation shows that the walls fell flat and then rolled outward – opposite to what normally happened when battering rams were used[5]

- Joshua’s altar at Mount Ebal (Duet 27:4-8), apparently has been found, matching the approximate time, pottery and artifacts and the bones of 50 – 100 goat, sheep and oxen which were the only animals permitted in Biblical sacrifices.

- Mount Sinai – once believed to be a proof of the inaccuracy of the Old Testament text, has now been found. Not where the traditional site rests – but exactly where the Bible describes it to be,

Prophecy in the Bible

- 3856 verses concerned with prophecy –

- Rise & fall of Greece & Rom (Daniel 2.39,40), Tyre (Isaiah 23) Destruction of Jerusalem, Middle East conflict, Messiah (virgin, Bethlehem, betrayed for 30 pieces Silver,

- There are over 1000 direct prophecies - 668 are known to be fulfilled 3 unconfirmed - almost all the rest are to do with the second coming of Christ

- 322 Prophecies about the Messiah. Odds for the 48 Prophecies being fulfilled are one in 10exp157[6]

- Jews to inhabit Jerusalem in the last days (this is big folks)

- The focus of the world will be on Jerusalem in the end times (this is big too)


- Opposite to ways of world. Who would write it?

- Takes the emphasis off human effort – opposite to every other religion.

- Deep – not just light and fluffy writings.

- Ideal moral values that line up with a persons conscience.

- How often do we find two authors agree on controversial issues? The Bible written by more than 40 authors from a huge diversity of cultures, time and backgrounds (from shepherds to Kings) – all the authors agree on all issues.

- All of the authors give total credit to God & claim the content is from God - and there is harmony between them.

- Laws & Democracy of many ‘advanced’ societies use the Bible as a basis - the further from the Bible the worse a civilization gets in terms of humanity and oppression of the poor etc.

- Constitutions based on it flourish...

- Economical in its explanations. It uses simple language to give in-depth truth, not the other way around.


Ask God to speak to you & read it & read it some more...if you think you still can't trust it email me

The Bible is the most accurate book know to man & there is evidence of this everywhere - more links below will appear soon...

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