You, like me, may have many reasons why you don't (or don't want to) believe in or follow some 'god' - some of these objections are answered in the links...

You may have seen wrong actions from religious people (christians etc), you may think that what you can physically see & touch is more reliable, you may not like the idea of being accountable for your actions or you may have just never seen any proof.

This page is designed for you! Some of the more common arguments are here... you should find some answers to your questions...if you have a specific and legitimate question feel free to email me

WARNING - a note of caution. Sometimes we have arguments to try to cloud the real issues.
You may have a hang up about a particular question or event or something - and that can totally cloud your perception, desire and ability to see the truth. If this is the case God will generally not answer you 0 this is called FOLLY or IGNORANCE.

It's like this God is real whether you know it or believe it and He will not always answer all your questions - He doesn't need to & He knows your heart. If you are an honest searcher He will reveal Himself to you - but if you are a proud demander "show me a sign" He will normally not submit to your requests. Why? Because He is God & you are at His submission not the other way around...He is offering you (at His expense) because of His love (not because you deserve it) the gift of Life!...don't be a fool & allow silly arguments (that normally have rational answers) get in the way!