Enough is enough - don't be ignorant any more...there is a clear and systematic effort to try to fool you into thinking the Bible is false. TV, media and movies all present total lies > and the reason is that if you follow the Bible they won't be able to fool you anymore & take your money! You will have real life & won't care for their crap!

For instance - it is said regularly that Christopher Columbus never would have discovered the new world if he listened to the Bible...The oppposite is true. He gave the reason & glory to God through the Bible - the Bible stated thousndas of years ago that the earth was round - it was science of the day that thought the world was flat!

For now let me tell you that I always thought that the Bible was a load of bull too.

It's a common belief - and strange that the most avid arguements about the Bible come from people who either haven't read it or don't know what it says. I had read it - and heard it quoted but I STILL never knew what it said. I just wasn't religious.

Let's get it clear to start with though - the Bible is not a religious book. I used to think this too - but the whole Bible points towards Jesus Christ...and the words it record from Him attack which group the most? = The Religious People!

The Bible says that your belief can send you to hell or allow you to be one with the God who Created everything - not through doing things or earning it (religion) but through Jesus. You will read more about this in the Meet God section.

The Bible also says that if you are like me your mind will be depraved and the Word of God will be foolish to you. Sin is deceives your mind. Deception blinds the meaning of the Bible. You need a spiritual awakening. Why would you follow the 'awakening procedure' of some old book that is unreliable? You wouldn't (I hope). So here:

* The Bible is Historically accurate.
* Archeology continually finds proof of the accuracy of the Bible.
* Scientific Facts thousands of years before 'science' discovered them are littered through the pages of the Bible
* Numbers behind the text proove that humans couldn't write the Bible
* The number of original manuscripts far surpasses any other historical event
* The Dead Sea scrolls proove how little the Bible text has changed
* The Bible has the power to change lives and revive a person

The above is a short list - there are many more clear-cut and concise facts in the BIBLE section

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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