Before we start we are not trying to promote religion. Neither is the Bible - and that's not what Jesus is about. For more on that go to Religion sux

But if you think your life is fine & you have no need for God....well that is a different story. I could laugh & say "if you're life is so fine why are you ready this page"? Maybe something bigger is drawing you...or maybe you don't REALLY believe that.

We are all on the 'airplane' of life. At some point you will need to jump out of the plane. If you are not wearing a parachute you will be crushed upon impact. Your own sins stand in judgment against you right now - hell will be your destination - unless you put on the parachute - Jesus Christ. Many other 'backpacks are in the plane - they look like parachutes but if you jump with one of them you will only fall faster. Jesus alone can forgive sins and walk with you for Eternity. Turn to Him now before it is too late - this might be your last chance. You are not here by accident. The Spirit of God is drawing you and pleading with you - don't spend eternity in hell....

If you really think that you have no need of God - I understand I was like that once too. It became obvious as time went on though that I had a 'god' - in fact many. As humans we all develop our own 'god's - things that are bigger than us so we are not the biggest thing in our own universe. The things we develop we worship in our own way. Things like the footy, sex, cars, things in general, money, business, porn, sport, friends, drugs etc etc.

These things give no lasting happiness - though they do feel good for a while. That's the trap you see - they feel good for a bit & then we want more. and more and more. Eventually we either realize the fact that we are addicted, or it all comes crashing down & what we thought was so good we see how bad & useless it is.

I hope that your life starts to go wrong for you. That's right - that the things that you have made 'god' crumble. I pray that God does this - so that you will find true freedom in Him.

When things start to go bad - cry out to God & ask Him to show you the truth. He will. In the meantime realize that the truth is still the truth...and you don't know when you will die.

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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