I agree - Religion does Suck! A couple of definitions of religion are below...

What do you think religion is?

Religion is a system designed to trap people & control them & take their money

Often you are right. All throughout the world there are religions that proove this from the fanatical Muslim who has never questioned the Koran & the numourous faults in it to the Prosperity Faith Pentecostal whose money funds private jets & expensive cars of the preacher - the religion they follow seems to have them trapped. They don't stop to question what they are doing or why > often there is an element of being brain washed into the belief. The Bible says however to reason it out - think about it and listen to God not other humans...Read the Bible you may be suprised>or go to the Bible section if you need some evidence that it is reliable first....

Religion is a way to earn your way to God

This is false but it is what most religions stand for. The people have to do what is said in the religion in order to be justified before thier entity or God or to get the benefit. This traps many but Jesus came to destroy this - see below.

Isn't Christianity a religion?

It depends what you mean. If you use the above definitions then True Christianity is not a religion. The Catholic Religion can be classed as both of the above - but not True Bible-believing Jesus following Christianity! Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus - about trusting in Him as you would a parachute if you had to jump out of a plane. He will change you to WANT to be good & better - but you don't have to be better to earn anything! The pressure is off. Sounds great eh? It is!

The Bible or Jesus Promotes Religion

The Bible does NOT promote religion & Jesus strongly condemned it over & over. Sure many religions use the Bible - and why wouldn't they - it is unique. But that doesn't mean they use it correctly. And how many people use the name of Jesus as a swear word? Those people aren't religious - just because a group uses Jesus' name doesn't mean anything! Jesus Himself promoted a relationship with God because He had made it possible - a free gift of life not a set of religious demands! He promises to walk with your through life and beyond - Wow it's worth looking into.

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