Don't let people fool you - there are some Athiests & Evolutionary writers that will try to con you into thinking that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist....As Ray Comfort says - you have never seen your brain have you? - but it must exist!

We all know that electricity is real, anger, hatred, love, the wind - yet you can't see any of them. We can see the effect & evidence of these things - and they definitely do exist. If you think it is a huge leap of faith to believe in a God who Created the universe - you may be right - but it is backed by at least some facts and a lot of reason, where as evolution has no foundation or facts. For more on this see the Bible section.

Scientists in their droves are stating that there has to be a Creator, there is too much evidence to deny it. And now it is known that there are many more realms that are unseen & unknown to us - but they can proove they are there. Space Time and Matter are not all there is to life. It is not very suprising to many, as if you look at this world full of order and precision a logical conclusion is that there was an Intelligent Designer behind it all - and He must have a divine purpose!


Everybody - including you - has faith. Are you sitting in a chair right now? You had to have FAITH that it would hold you up. Imagine if the legs were made of twigs & the chair collapsed when you sat on would hurt! You had to have faith that the chair would hold you up - whether you thought about it or not - you put your faith in an object!

Have you ever driven in a car, rode a bus, plane, bike or train? If yes then you had faith that the parts were designed & made correctly, put together correctly and have been maintained properly. When you put your foot on the brake pedal you TRUST that everything will work & you will slow down to avoid an accident.

Faith is what allows people to jump out of an airplane with a parachute. Their very lives are entrusted to that chute opening & not ripping or tangling etc. Everybody has faith - the question become not if faith is smart or not - or whether to have faith - but WHAT TO PUT YOUR FAITH IN.

You may think that your savings, business or job is safe & secure. That is something better than 'faith' or at least religious faith. But money comes & goes - the more you have the more you spend, and the more you want. It is not secure with wars, inflation and stock crashes.

Health cannot be assured - and doctors cannot keep you alove forever - we will all die. At that point the faith you had in EVERYTHING is totally useless - unless you have decided to trust Jesus Christ with your soul while alive.

Is Jesus visible? Well He doesn't often show Himself physically to people these days (although it does happen and has happened) but you can see the evidence of Him all around. Once you Meet Jesus - He will give you the Holy Spirit and you will KNOW. This is the difference > take a fire. You are told it is hot & you might believe it or not. But once you have reached out & touched the flames > it sears your flesh & you will never forget - and noone will ever be able to convince you otherwise.

Although I don't know your situation - I know mine. I was abused in a cult on a farm. It promised the world but delivered control, manipulation and screwed me up big time. Some of the leaders of that place still don't acknowledge how bad it was for the kids - they live in denial of their own actions. Real or perceived I picked up that God was distant, controlling, didn't honor the family unit, allowed bad things to happen and didn't care> I decided that faith in God was for fools and I HATED people who called themselves Christians. It tooks years of research and God literally had to break me.

He allowed my whole life to be destroyed around me - but I am glad that He did because just before killing myself I said "God if you ARE there > I think you're a &^ @E$%@*&^(#& (#^(&)#*)(*. But I need you if you are there & if you care" Strange He showed me that He was worthy of having faith in - and that I had been totally STUPID to put faith in business, pleasure, drugs, money etc. I too would die & I needed faith in Jesus to save me!.

I pray that you are willing to look to God right now - to make a decision that you will allow God to show you who He is & stop judging Him on the actions of others. He will lead you & guide you & it will take time for your mind to change as it has been ingrained with lies about who God is / isn't. I plead with you now - Go to the Meet God section PLEASE! He is the only one who can help!


It is very UNWISE to judge a group of people on the actions of one...and it is totally STUPID to judge God on the actions of any group or individual. Let God be God.

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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Right Now!