Below are a few of the common things you may have against 'Christians'. First however it must be said that sometimes it is your interpretation of these people's actions. You may be like most people and are very cynical and bigoted when it comes to 'Christians'. I myself was like this - and I had good reason to be. I suffered greatly at the hands of people who claimed to be Christians....


What makes you think someone is a Christian?

* They go to Church?
* They dress weird?
* They say they are?
* They are religious?
* They have a FISH or Jesus Sticker on their car?

Many people SAY they are Christians...but that doesn't mean ANYTHING! The above things mean absolutely NOTHING!

There are 'churches' that think dope is a sacrament, that God is the trees, that God is female, that killing others is ok, that homosexuality is ok, that religion saves you, that pretending to be happy & clappy is Gods blessing etc - Even churches that teach the truth have many attend that are wolves in disguise. A huge percentage of Americans say they are christians but watch filthy movies - have no relationship with Jesus - ignore what he said - don't read or believe the Bible and even blaspheme His Holy name (say Jesus / Christ / God as a swear or cuss word). Jesus Himself said to watch out even within the 'Church'!

Muslims are religious & their main religious book states that they should kill. Evolutionists are religious> so why try to say that a religious person is a Christian? Jesus Himself spend most of His argument time AGAINST the religious people of the day.

A true Christian is someone who has committed their life & soul into the hands of Jesus Christ. They will follow the Bible and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. They will be generous, real and helpful - and yes they will tell you about Jesus (not their religion or church) and what Jesus has done in their lives. They will not be perfect but they will be changed from what they were and continually changing for the better. If they have wronged you and you approach them they will be loving and compassionate - not trying to dismiss or overlook your hurt.


It is very UNWISE to judge a group of people on the actions of one...and it is totally STUPID to judge God on the actions of any group or individual. Let God be God.

Wars, Killing & the Crusades

There is a huge number of people that have been killed in the name of religion. Wars have reigned for years - and the Crusades were done 'in the name of Jesus'.

Let's start by downing a common lie about this though. Many people think that religion has caused more wars & death than anything else. This is (except for people ignorant of facts) obviously untrue. The 'religion' of self (propagated by evolution & atheism) is responsible for untold millions - just look at abortion - or the millions killed under ethnic cleansing or for material gain or land. Thousands of individual murders every year in most countries, Hitler, Vietnam, Gulf War etc - fought over money & domination. Started by people who were anti-Jesus & the Bible. People who follow the Bible don't oppress others or kill them - they follow what Jesus commanded.

Maybe some of the people who were around at the time of the crusades were Christians but it cannot be said that a true Christian would EVER do such things. Jesus came and taught about PEACE - not using the sword - righting wrongs - hatred being wrong (let alone murder!) - turning the other cheek - to name a few. The Bible and Jesus condemn the actions of the Crusaders - even if they thought that what they were doing was somehow for Jesus. The religion of the day was about control, power and wealth. In my opinion a Catholic is NOT a Christian - for a vast number of reasons. This doesn't mean that nobody who goes to a Catholic church is, but I won't get into that here...

So if you are still judging a Holy God on the actions of some religious people who claimed to be Christians - I urge you - Don't be so stupid. Some white people rape others - does that mean all white people are rapists? Don't be so judgmental! Allow God to SHOW you who He is. Forget the claims of people - people are fallen & depraved. If God is the Creator of all - why compare Him to things you have seen in others. Chances are you have seen lots of good from people who claim to be Christians too - but have 'forgotten' about that! God is God > till you meet Him don't allow others to fool you....confront those who claim to be Christians - they may be & may be able to show you how to meet Jesus so you KNOW for yourself!

I was Abused / Used by 'Christians'

The amount of abuse that occurs at the hands of people who say they are Christians is amazing. From the huge number of people sexually abused in the Catholic church to the many others in cults & sects to the everyday abuse of power in many of todays western churches - it is all a reflection of the horrible state of our world - not the character of our Loving Heavenly Father.

In no way do I want to down-play what has happened to you. If you have been abused and hurt in anyway there needs to be healing & restoration. I want to assure you that the fact that you are reading this says that you are on a journey of hope & healing. The people that wronged you WILL face a very angry face of God on Judgement Day...

Did you know that the Bible is VERY big on reporting the promises of God AGAINST those who oppress orphans and widows. Sexual abuse of minors is, in God's eyes a violation of a helpless and loved child. The abused will suffer greatly for years - not knowing why, wondering why God would allow it, thinking that God is cruel, not being able to trust others or relate properly (the list goes on & on). God knows your heart and He knows your pain. The Bible says that He bottles up your tears and suffers WITH you. The Good News is that He promises to restore every hurt & memory and give you back what was robbed by satan.

Another common occurrence in the western world is in using people. A church building is bought & needs to be maintained. People come in to find God, to get healing & instead they are roped into physical work or filling a JOB for free. They often don't feel strong enough to say no and there is often an underlying thing of guilt if they do say no. These leaders & pastors again will come under harsh judgment as they are guilty of spiritual abuse. They themselves are often not willing to address their own issues & the 'church' has become a comfortable little income so need to be maintained at all costs. I attended and led in a church like this - and had continual fights to try to get systems implemented to protect the people I wanted to help. Unfortunately after a few years I had to leave as the people I wanted to help would come to the church and get hurt more. I have seen the same thing in many, many churches - even if the head leaders says that's not what they want to happen - it always does if the head leader doesn't continually travel a road of healing - and have strict accountability. Again this is an indicator of insecurity and a failure to follow God and the Bible - it does not reflect a true Christian leader. This is VITAL that you separate the two. A Pastor, Vicar, Priest, Leader of any Church is NOT ALWAYS a Christian!

Although I don't know your situation - I know mine. I was abused in a cult on a farm. It promised the world but delivered control, manipulation and screwed me up big time. Some of the leaders of that place still don't acknowledge how bad it was for the kids - they live in denial of their own actions. Real or perceived I picked up that God was distant, controlling, didn't honour the family unit, allowed bad things to happen and didn't care> It took years and He literally had to break me.

He allowed my whole life to be destroyed around me - but I am glad that He did because just before killing myself I said "God if you ARE there > I think you're a &^ @E$%@*&^(#& (#^(&)#*)(*. But I need you if you are there & if you care" Strange that He showed me He was NOTHING to do with my abuse. He HATED it even more than I did & then He started to lead me on a journey of healing. I still haven't got 'resolve' from the people that hurt me - but I have come to be at peace about it - as they are in God's hands. He will judge them if they haven't addressed or asked forgiveness for what they have done - and I pray that they do so they can be forgiven.

I pray that you are willing to look to God right now - to make a decision that you will allow God to show you who He is & stop judging Him on the actions of others. He will lead you & guide you & it will take time for your mind to change as it has been ingrained with lies about who God is / isn't. I plead with you now - Go to the Meet God section PLEASE! He is the only one who can help!

Once this 'Christian' did....

Many people you may have known may have stated that they were Christians. If you are sure and they still did something terrible - have you approached them? If you can't did you write them a letter? Not all things are as you see them - there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

If it is however a valid complaint - ie a christian you knew (or know) left his wife for another woman or something - My argument is that they are totally deceived. Many claim and think they know Jesus - but sin deceives people.

Obviously there are many situations & I have no clue about any of them - what I do know is that God wants to deal not with them right now - but YOU!

You may be in the right - you may have every reason to resist or argue - but God wants to show you His love & life. He wants to restore the hurt & bring healing to your soul. He wants to SHOW you the difference between His character and the things you have seen by imperfect humans.

Don't let arguments stand in the way of the most important truth you can

Christians are poor, sad and pathetic

You obviously haven't met many then! True Christians deal with issues in truth so they may go through times of hardship & when things are very bad - but you will see that they don't loose their peace or joy. Their hope & joy comes from Jesus & His promises - so no matter what happens around them they can hold their head up high & show you fulfilment.

Christians have more fun - and I can say this first hand. From someone who used to do lots and lots of extreme, dangerous, stupid and illegal things - God's plan is for LIFE not for boredom.

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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Right Now!