Don't fool yourself if you have sinned even once - you will end up in hell without Jesus.

Have you heard this one before?

The line 'God has a wonderful plan for your life' has been used for a while. Personally I don't think it holds much water for you at this point...and I'll tell you why.

If you are looking for a way to live a happy life with no hassles & nothing ever going wrong - you're going to be disappointed. This concept of life doesn't happen - and for good reason. Even the movie the Matrix got it right - a 'perfect' world doesn't work for humans in a fallen state. Going through trials is what makes us & shows our character.

God has the power to take away all your trials - but in His love He actually promises that you will have MORE when you live for Him. The difference is that every trial will be for your good, He will walk with you through the trial and give you the strength to come though. If you are living for Himn then you will often have peace & joy despite the situations you go through. If you have more trials than what you can handle - GOOD! Turn to Jesus & allow Him to help you...but be warned if all your trials are because of your wrong choices He will ask you to turn away from those things. He will give you the power to do so too!

God does have a wonderful plan for you but it isn't what you think!

For me - a drug addict, alcoholic, sex addict, money chaser, business addict, movie addict and busyness freak - life was one big escape. I tried to avoid the pain of anything & everything & wanted to livce in a worl where I controlled everything & had no issues. God had to break me to a point where I was about to kill myself before I entertained the notion of God existing. When He did He showed me to start with that He CAN take away the pain & boredom of life - but then He also showed me that He chooses not to for our own good!

I go through the trials now - it hurts more than it ever did (I would simply 'deaden' the pain with drugs, get busy so as not to think about it or leave the 'relationship' so I didn't have to deal with anything) but life is also more rewarding. At the end of the day my true destiny is what gives me peace.

If you accept Jesus Christ as your ruler - trust Him for the forgiveness of your sins & follow Him - you will know that your ultimate destiny is with Him in Heaven. This is a much more trustworthy anchor for your soul than fleeting pleasures to try to con yourself that hell doesn't exist or that you won't go there despite your sin & what your conscience says.

Don't fool yourself if you have sinned even once - you will end up in hell without Jesus.

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