Before you meet God you need to be aware of a few things... See God is asking for your life. You can decide & choose you will accept the free life He offers - or you can refuse it.

Compare this with satan's ploy (and many marketing companies!!). He lures you in & gives you a little bit here & there - stuff that feels good momentarily but he tricks you into thinking that it will make you happy. Truth is he is trapping you & stealing your life. The consequences eventually kill you & you don't even get to find out!

Jesus is asking though - no pressure it's totally up to you.

Please do not think that He wants you to be a mindless suit wearing door knocker that has no fun, joy or identity. The opposite is true! Even for someone like me who used to get a rush out of stealing cars etc - there is WAY more power, excitement, joy and fulfilment in Jesus Christ than any activity or thing that exists.

You may have met 'Christians' that are boring & sad - but Jesus truly offers life! Don't follow the crowd - follow Him!

1) There are many benefits -

* Your name will be written in the Book of Life
* Your Eternal Security is secure
* You can get true fulfilment
* Heaven is your reward
* Guilt & Shame will be removed
* The communication between you & God will be open
* Jesus becomes a friend, brother, guide
* Your Heavenly Father will look after you
* Your sin will be forgiven
* The Holy Spirit will comfort you & give you wisdom now
* God will change you on the inside
* He will help you through the rest of your life
* Healing (emotional, spiritual, physical and mental) will be opened up to you.

2) There are so costs too:

* You need to be willing to turn your life over to Jesus Christ
* This means He is your ruler, King, owner, Lord
* Friends, Family & Strangers will disown & ridicule you
* God will want you to walk through pain situations instead of avoid them or escape with drugs / busyness etc.
* It's alright He will strengthen you and walk with you through the hard times!

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