There are many, many things that can trap you. You may be here because of one of these things. From being trapped by an obvious addiction (like smoking, drinking, drugs, porn etc) to not being able to relate to people properly or a more hidden trap - they all are a torment.

Some would say why try to fight an 'urge' - just follow your lusts & do whatever you want. But you know better - either because you have found that following what you want does NOT bring happiness - or you are aware of the guilt & shame that results when you do something that you know (deep down) is wrong.

Do what you want

This is an underlying philosophy of the western world - but not because of the media...Sure the media use & play on this to sell us things but it is within our very nature to want to do what we want. It is exactly why Adam & Eve were tempted to eat the fruit they weren't meant to. They could have anything they wanted - had no guilt no shame but they were tempted with the one things they were not allowed & the consequences were devastating. They thought they would be better off or have more fun - but the opposite was true afterwards. During the eating of the fruit it probably felt good - just like sinful activities - but afterwards the guilt & shame far outweighed the 'quick fix'. You may think that this is irrelevant - but your are under their curse!

Since the 'fall' as it is known satan has owned this planet and sin has run rampant. As sinful people under a curse we are blinded to who God is, tricked and trapped, struggle to make a living, have pain in childbirth, and we live in guilt and shame. These things are not always immediately aware to us - in fact most of us are blinded to it most of the time. I was - though I do remember at least one (as an alcoholic would say) 'moment of clarity' where I suddenly knew my life sucked. But within 2 minutes I had put this behind me to carry on with the activities that kept me trapped & I forgot all about it! I had more guilt than I could describe but no idea it was there - except on a few occasions that were easy to forget - but still played on my mind at the time.

Guilt / Shame

Every human on the planet has a conscience. This is a little part of your mind that scientists can't quite figure out. The Bible tells us (bare with me let's just listen for now argue later!) that write on our hearts His law (Jeremiah 31:33) . It is amazing to note that all humanity across the globe has the same things in his / her conscience.

Things like murder, lieing, stealing etc - they are already there and you have to program them out if you want to do them without knowing it is wrong. For instance SAS soldiers have to have their conscience seared before they can regulalry kill so they going through video game training where they kill over & over to deaden their conscience. They still consciously know that killling is wrong but their sub-conscious mind has been programmed to allow it.

We can deaden our conscience - but we can not remove it. If we violate our conscience - we WILL suffer the consequences. The consequences can be physical like lack of sleep, cancer / sickness, injuries and addictions but it comes from a base of guilt & shame.


Guilt & Shame are powerful forces that hurt - and many of us do many things to avoid the pain - from staying busy to doing drugs - but it never goes away.

Now back to the Bible - the Bible says that the Law revives the soul (Psalm 19:7) and that the Law is designed to show us our guilt before God (Romans 3:19) and that we can be forgiven of sin - and the guilt & shame will go. It says Oh what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, Whose rebellion is put out of sight (Romans 4:7).

My advice is follow the message of the Bible straight to Jesus - He is the only one who can truly forgive you and free you from the things that are trapping you right now. Unlike all the methods & people who claim they can remove guilt Jesus doesn't want your money either!

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