Let’s face it – we all do many things in our lives simply so we feel better, are more happy or fulfilled. From working to get money to buy the things we want, to taking medication when we feel sick, to spending time with friends or family. We watch movies to escape & find a brief moment of pleasure in events that are simply acted out on the screen – and some people even use substances like alcohol, drugs, coffee etc to get a short-lived ‘high’.

But when you dig a bit deeper you find that these people (more evident with people the richer they are!) have not found happiness. The richest person in the Bible summed it up (he was very rich, had literally hundreds of wives, he worked – in fact he did everything he could think of for happiness) “it’s all meaningless, the only duty we have is to fear God & obey His commands” (read Ecclesiastes for the whole story!)

With this noted – think to yourself right now “how much time or effort do I spend just to feel good”. Include the time you spend at work earning any money that is not for basic needs (food shelter & water). For some reading this you will try to justify that you need more than food & water to be content – but this is not true…just look at many of the cultures around the world where their true fulfilment can be seen with only these things.

Now, hopefully you realise that you are chasing fulfilment and using energy & time to achieve it. Speaking as one who spend 24/7 doing this & ultimately getting everything I wanted, I can say that the things we chase often do not give lasting fulfilment. The Bible says that we have an enemy (satan) and he knows that we will be easily fooled into the false highs presented around us. So he uses them to keep us from searching for God. It’s amazing to note that satan knows that we will be fulfilled in God’s presence.

So what does this have to do with Heaven? Well contrary to popular belief – Heaven is not a place that is filled with your favourite food, drink or activity. It certainly isn’t like what the muslims believe and you don’t get to become your own god. It is a place where you will be one with your Creator – and guess what – this WILL fulfil you. You will not desire anything !!! Temptation will be gone, depression, pain and disease will no longer be an issue – but you will live for eternity in the state you were DESIGNED for!

You see if you owned a Mercedes you would take it to a lawn-mower mechanic to find out what was good for it to run smoothly. You would take it to the manufacturer – the one who designed and made it. Because the original designer knows what is best. (this is not an advert for Mercedes I’ve never owned one!). Cars, like humans are designed (though humans have many, many more parts & functions!). If you own a car - do you know how long it will take to seize up if there is no oil in it? Same with a sewing machine. It was designed with a need for certain things. There are things that are obvious and thing that are not.

The same is true for you…the One who Created you knows what is best. He doesn't want you to end up in hell which is where your actions & thoughts (sins against Him) will land you. He knows that you need Jesus to be forgiven and that the best thing for you is to be with God in Heaven. In His love He will allow many bad things to happen to you in this short life in order to get your attention.

God also knows what will make you happy. This is not always what you think you want. In our world we try to avoid pain at all costs. But God often uses pain to refine us - and give us new insight. Pain doesn't have to be bad - but can produce much good in our lives...and God promises to walk with us through the events that are painful to us. The journey is more important to God than the outcome.

The things you will find yourself enjoying when you know God - woulld seem weird and stupid to you now - but He changes you on the inside. For me - I used to get a thrill from stealing & driving like a hoon - now I find more of a rush & more fulfilment in preaching & helping people get free from addictions - go figure! I hated the idea of kids & was a failure at relationships completely - as I write this I have been married 4 years and have 3 kids - and I love it! It is not always easy - as I have said sometimes it is much harder & hurts more - but now it is possible and real and fulfilling and Jesus helps us both out (she's no angel either!).

When you get to know God, you will discover that all the activities & substances of your whole life really are insignificant - you will discover true freedom and fulfilment...though many hardships will still come your way. You will know that you were Created to be one with God - and that Eternity is not a place you want to spend hell in.

If you are ready, go to the MEET GOD! section as you can not know God until you realise some vital points...but you were made for being with Him!

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