Are you insecure?

Most people, if honest, are to some degree insecure in themselves. They use situations, things or substances etc to 'prop' themselves up.

I used to do it. I remember trying to fit in any way I could - to get people to like me. I never really felt comfortable around people until I discovered drugs. Instantly I knew that this is what I had been looking for. I had an identity while on drugs - especially as I was selling too.

You may be like this - maybe you don't use or sell drugs but maybe your identity is wrapped up in something. It could be your job (Gday I'm the CEO of...) or money - the clothes you wear the car you have, the jokes you tell - the acts of charity you do. The list goes on & on.

If you take away the thing that you rely on - what is left? Nothing. Maybe you are reading this because the thing you rely on has crumbled or gone - GOOD! You are at a better place than most because at least you are aware that you need a true identity.

Some know this and so create their own 'higher power'. This is so that you can believe in something that is bigger than yourself. I have heard of some in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) whose 'higher power' is the lamp post outside their house. But you can't have a true identity in something you create or something that is dead or doesn't have an intimate love & knowledge of you....

If you find your identity in anything other than God - you will be deficient. God will teach you who you really are - no matter what you own, what others think of you or what you believe about yourself.

He can give you true life - that doesn't ebb & flow with the fads or economy and cannot be stolen. It is life that is secure in Him and you will know that you are of importance to Him.

You have been Created as His Son (or Daughter) - and as you take this place your world will look different to you - and you will be different to those around you.

Step outside of yourself and allow Jesus to show you who you really are. Go to the Meet God section now...don't put it off any longer.

Ready? Don't Wait Any Longer!

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