Basically to avoid or refuse to look into whether Heaven & Hell are real – is stupid. Honestly think about this…You are driving down a road in heavy rain & fog in a storm. It is an unknown road all of a sudden you come across a man waving & yelling at you. You slow down enough to hear the words “bridge is down…” Only a fool would keep driving at full speed. OK you may not stop & instead choose to keep driving slowly to check out his claim – but you wouldn’t keep driving at full speed, or you just might find yourself at the bottom of a ravine. You owe it to yourself to at least check out the claims honesty.

Some think they can find the answer by their friends…but in the story above that’s like phoning a friend to ask them if the bridge is out – they are hundreds of miles away how would they know? They can speculate but that’s about it. It makes it even more important to know that someone who wants you to drive over the edge has blown up the bridge! He will profit from your demise…and take your car! Consider the following:

Heaven is for those ignorant people with weak minds who need to escape…

Hell is a place to party with your mates….

I’ve been through hell on earth…

If I can’t see it – it doesn’t exist…

These are some of the lies I believed…in fact one of the favourite stickers on my car was “If I’m going to hell I’m going in a Holden”

But now I can see a bit more clearly…

It is very hard to think that Heaven & Hell are real places. Surely they are imaginary – like Christian Mythology so to speak? If you live in the western world you live in a culture that is very bizarre. What you see is NOT normally to be believed. Ie movies, video games, sit-coms and other TV shows (even the ‘news’ at times) is simply not true. You see it but you shouldn’t believe it. Day after day you are bombarded with images that present nothing, so no wonder it is hard to believe that some place or person exists that you can’t see!

I mean what evidence exists for these places? Can you see, feel or touch them? Doesn’t the very believe of these places make a person narrow-minded? Why believe in fairy-tales? These are valid questions first let’s look at some things that will re-direct your mindset…

Fact 1

Things exist whether you believe in them or not. Try this (please don’t!) – try to convince yourself that trucks don’t exist & go stand in front of one on the highway…what will happen? – you will be squashed. Try to convince yourself that you don’t need to write anything on your exam paper & you will pass anyway – you will fail! See we are subconsciously told that absolute truth does not exist – but there is evidence of truth all around us – whether we believe just makes us either ignorant or wise!

Fact 2

Many things exist that you can not see. You already believe in some things you cannot see. Do you believe you have a brain? Have you ever seen your brain? Is anger or love real? You ever driven in a car, sat on a chair or breathed in air? All of these things require faith in the unseen. We have all experienced anger or love to some degree but you can’t see it. To drive in a car you must believe that over 4000 parts that you cannot see will hold together. The braking system alone requires that around 100 parts or more all correctly work (and that the person that put it together and serviced it properly!) to stop you having an accident. The same is true of a chair – you believe that it will hold your weight.

Fact 3

There are many ideas about ‘Heaven’ but only one truth. Now let’s think for a minute about the claims of the Bible. Bare with me I know you may not believe the Bible yet – but we have to look at it when we talk about Heaven! The Bible says that you & I were made by a loving caring Creator. He designed & manufactured us specifically so knows exactly what will give you peace, joy and fulfilment. And the answer? Being one with Him!

It is so weird to think that someone like me can say this. A failure at relationships – built barriers all my life to avoid the vulnerability of intimacy…did everything under the sun to feel good and the answer is being with an unseen God??

Well contrary to popular belief – Heaven is not a place that is filled with your favourite food, drink or activity. It certainly isn’t like what the Muslims believe and you don’t get to become your own god. It is a place where you will be one with your Creator – and guess what – this WILL fulfil you. You will not desire anything !!! Temptation will be gone, depression, pain and disease will no longer be an issue – but you will live for eternity in the state you were DESIGNED for! (more on that in the next section) Jesus said you will have Life – Life Abundant – Life Eternal & you will never thirst!

Better than sex drugs & rock n roll…by a long shot! The Bible talks about God & how to have a relationship with Him (only through Jesus more in the Salvation section) and also the benefits. One of the benefits is Heaven – described as the following:

Some ways Heaven is described in the Bible:

The feast in the Kingdom of Heaven Matthew 5:12
A Great Wedding Feast Matthew 22:2
Much better than earth! Philippians 1:23
The Wedding Feast of the Lamb (Jesus) Revelations 19:9
No more death or sorrow or crying or pain Revelations 21:4
You can store treasure there Matthew 6:20 Mark 10:21
Paradise (Jesus to one of the criminals on the cross) Luke 23:43
Only a few people will enter Matthew 7:13-14
Must be Spiritually reborn to enter Heaven John 3:3
An Eternal City (no planes hitting towers, bridges collapsing, no smog etc) designed and built by God Hebrews 11:10
Mount Zion Hebrews 12:22
Nothing unclean (ie no sin, pain or sinners) will be allowed in Revelations 21:27
A place of rest Revelations 14:13
Should think about Heaven where your true life is Colossians 3:2

Fact 4

It may be hard to ‘justify’ a ‘hell’ but so what! Many of us don’t think that there needs to be a hell. Furthermore, surely any god that creates people & then burns them for eternity is a cruel & love-less being.
There are as many opinions about hell & what it is or isn’t. Again the Bible has a lot to say…it would be a really good idea to find out if the Bible were true! One thing to note is that our mindset in the western world seems to have lost sight of justice and punishment. We are told it is wrong to smack our children & try to distract them or isolate them instead. Even jails are no longer thought of as punishment – but as rehabilitation. There is a place for rehabilitation – and smacking for the sake of it or in anger is harmful, but we must realize that for there to be justice there has to be punishment. You do the crime you do the time.
Hell is punishment for sinners. People chose to sin so those sent to hell are not innocent victims they do so willingly & knowingly. Also God has given all people a ‘get out of hell free card’ – by sending Jesus to suffer their punishment on their behalf. So their really is no excuses. God is full of love & mercy and when He judges He does so in perfection. Only a corrupt judge would allow a rapist or child molesterer to go free without being punished.

God will judge you according to your own conscience… He gave you a conscience so you know right from wrong. Sin as escribed in the Bible is ingrained in you (Do Not lie, Don Not Steal, Do Not Murder etc) and every other human on the planet...Sure we can deaden our consciences but they are still there. If you have ever done any wrong - you Need Jesus! He will condemn you to hell for your sin unless you have trusted in Jesus (see Salvation section).

Some try to say that hell is just a myth or a metaphor for death or the grave…but there really is no truth behind this. This argument comes from those who do not know God or scripture and they want to try to avoid the fact that they have to answer to the real God – not a ‘god’ they have made in their own image. We will all be judged & the fear (phobos) of the Lord should make us turn to Jesus – like the fear of hitting the ground in a plummeting plane should drive us to put on a parachute.

As for you going through hell on earth – not even close! Sure we all suffer & some more than others – in terrible situations. But hell has been designed by God to punish even satan himself – the one responsible for tempting millions into lewd & crude acts, and ultimately destroying their lives. God loves people & watches them go through horrible things – the punishment will be great – worse than we can imagine. The Bible talks about weeping and gnashing of teeth, fire and sulphur (used in making matches) and a place where there is horrible torment.

A picture of this is shown in the Old Testament with king Saul. The first king of the Israelites (God’s chosen people) he had everything in his grip – but then he chose to do things his way instead of God’s. So now God chooses another King (David) and Saul knows it. The rest of his life Saul lives in fear & anguish about being dethroned. He is also afflicted with a tormenting spirit send from God that torments him…always knowing his own decision left him in this predicament. Then he and his sons are killed in battle. Horrifying picture – knowing God & how good things can be & then having it so bad & knowing it was your own fault. Kicking yourself & suffering.

So the fact that Heaven & Hell exist & are more full on than you can imagine, are great reasons to turn to God…if that is not enough for you though – go to the next reason…because you were designed for it!

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